Seats and Stations, founded by Dennie Moreno and Rebecca Roman, sought out to create an organization that gave end users and their influencing community what they wanted. Through numerous conversations and dialogues, Seats and Stations learned what the community wants: They want truth. They want service. They want choice.

Dennie and Rebecca also based the organization’s mission on what they knew: It must be easy. It must be quick. It must offer value. To be truthful, Seats and Stations is also all about fun and balance. Work hard, celebrate success, value the people that make it happen, but make sure customer service is paramount. These two founders are committed to building relationships for a lifetime not just the duration of a project.

With the mission defined, the dynamic partnership began to build a portfolio of products, services and alliance relationships that brought the best in function, aesthetics and technology to their clients. The result is a package of solutions that meets the requirements of best in class functionality, aesthetic options from classic to contemporary and products that respond to emerging technologies and workplace tools.